Sep 9,2012

Title: Test the waters
Pairing: You and Minhyuk (B-Bomb) of Block B
Summary: In which Minhyuk comes just in time to save you from trouble.
A/N: It is my first time to write a scenario and I am feeling a lot of emotions at the moment, so forgive me if this scenario does not suit your liking. I’m open to comments and whatever since, yeah, we all need room for improvement. Thank you for taking time in reading this!

It is midnight, and you are walking alone from a friend’s house. You think that you are safe, of course, since the lights of the street are still wide open. It is very unlikely for anyone to be in trouble at this part of the street, since this is by far the most illuminated part of the compound. Just to be sure, you send a text message to the people you know who’ll be awake at this hour.

I’m walking along ____ Road, you type as you walk at a slow pace (while cautiously eyeing your sides to see if people are walking alongside you), I’m going home from __’s house.

You click on a couple of contacts, including Minhyuk (because you know that he’ll be upset if he didn’t know where you are), and you press send.

As you walk further to the end of your street, you feel a chill run across your spine, and alas, some of the lights along the side walk starts to turn off. It is normal, since light posts also need their rest. But it is a queer feeling, though, since you are alone, walking along that road. You clutch onto your bag harder and you start walking at a faster pace, your eyes darting left and right. There is something weird going on around you and you don’t want to get involved in it, never.

"Hey, miss." You hear someone say, and you stop momentarily. You shrudder a bit before deciding to ignore…whatever that is. You start walking again, leaving that voice behind you.

"Hey, you look so lonely tonight." The voice speaks up again, and this time, you are scared. You know that the voice is coming from someone walking behind you, and now you can smell the pungent odor of alcohol and cigarettes. Your eyes start to water, your brain starts to make up pictures of possibilities, but your heart stays calm. Your heart tells you to continue walking, as if you’re wearing headphones and you can’t hear anything. Yes, that’s the right decision - ignore all outside factors, and you will be safe.

You feel someone grab your arm from behind, squeezing on the skin hard.

"I was talking to you, young lady." someone says, and when you turn around, a man in his mid-fifties is giving you a very toothy grin. "Don’t walk away. All we’re going to do is to have a little chat…"

You swallow your fear, your agony, your anger. You try to yelp for help but you’ve swallowed everything, even your pride. Tears now cloud your vision as the man attempts to bring his face up near yours, and you back away, you back away but he’s still holding onto your arm tightly. You have no escape. You close your eyes, tears streaming down your cheeks now…

And then you hear that blow, that punch. The grip on your arm loosens. You open your eyes to see the man on the ground, and a man half - or more than half - his age panting angrily, a clenched fist at his side. Minhyuk. Minhyuk dives in to punch the older man’s face, abdomen, and all of the other parts that can be punched just until the man cries that he’s had enough. Minhyuk stops beating him up, grabs his cell phone, and takes a clear picture of the beat-up man for reference.

Minhyuk turns to you with a worried expression on his face, and proceeds to hug you as tight as possible. You bury your face in his muscled chest and you cry - you cry because you’re such a coward, you cry because you’re a bit stupid to be roaming the streets alone at midnight. You cry because Minhyuk is there, and he’s saved you. You are relieved.

"Babe," he mutters, his one-worded sentence a bit muffled since he’s kissing the top of your head, "Babe, it’s all right now."

You cry some more until you don’t know if you have tear ducts left, and Minhyuk rubs your back as he waits for you to calm down. He says his car is somewhere near here, and he leads you to it, an arm wrapped around you. The man lay forgotten on the side of the street, and the last image of him that you remember is that of him clenching his stomach like a baby. Minhyuk strokes your cheek as you walk towards his car, and he stops momentarily before he opens the passenger door for you.

"Good thing you texted me," he says with a smile - not a happy smile, but a relieved smile. "I was just getting some midnight snacks from the 7 11 across the street."

"A-are you mad..?" you ask, but you both know that he is.

Minhyuk only chuckles. “I was, initially. I was mad about you walking home alone at this time of day. But I’m glad,” he plants a kiss on your forehead, “that I came in just the right time to save you.”

"I’m s-sorry, babe," you say, voice cracking. Tears start streaming down your cheeks again, and you can’t help but cry.

Minhyuk pulls you in for a tight and secure hug, and you relax in it. “Next time, don’t walk. Let me drive you home, all right?” You nod, and he opens the car door for you. “No, scratch that. I’ll drive you wherever you want and need to go, that seems safer than walking…”

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